Client Support

Training and Certification


        The MsS guided-wave inspection training covers the principle of guided waves and their propagation in pipeline, guided-wave generation using MsS probe, MsS probe installation, MsS equipment operation, data analysis and reporting.  The MsS guided-wave inspection training includes 3 certification levels:


      Level I Certification: Requires 5-days’ training course with passing a written and practical examination.  Level I operators can test pipelines according to written instruction. The Level I can analyze data with the help of guided-wave inspection report software and report the findings for straight exposed pipe and above ground insulated pipeline.


    Level II Certification: Requires guided-wave testing experience of 9 months or 630 hours in 5 to 27 months with passing a written and practical examination. Level II operators can analyze buried pipeline data, monitoring data and data tested in specialized pipeline with multiple frequencies. The Level II should understand the guided-wave interaction with defects or geometric features at different frequencies.


    Level III Certification: Developers of MsS technology have this qualification.


Data Analysis


    Surveying with guided waves often requires interpretation of complex signals. GWA has much experience in data analysis and report, and uses Matlab software for professional data analysis. The data analysis service of GWA has following procedure:

    1. A client sends at least 5 sets of data to GWA for making report format and estimating analysis time of each data set.

    2. GWA sends the client sample reports and the estimate cost of analyzing and reporting data.

    3. The client approves it and sends GWA all data to be analyzed and reported.

    4. GWA uploads all inspection reports on GWA ftp site and client fetch them.


    We are professional in guided wave data analysis and clients will be satisfied with our service.


    The MsS system is used to inspect and monitor many different kinds of piping systems, and the general inspection report software sometimes takes more time and effort to analyze for a special piping application such as road crossing, storage tank leg, short buried piping, and off-shore piping. GWA will help our client through programming software tailored to our client’s requirement for handling a special application. Also, the report format in the inspection report software can be tailored to our client’s requirement.


Field Trip


    The experts in GWA will make trips into the field for hands-on training and demonstrations of field techniques. Field trips to inspection sites are helpful to companies starting guided wave service and GWA helps clients on the preparation of accessories, MsS probe installation, selection of probe installation location, decision of inspection range, and data analysis and reporting.






    MsS system has many application areas for detecting corrosion or cracks with guided wave inspection and monitoring. Some application requires testing with multi frequencies to get more defect information, and using more than one pair of probes to achieve longer inspection range in high attenuation pipe. GWA helps the client in the  following ways:


- Visit client for on-site installation of MsS probes

- Analyze and report of inspection and monitoring data

- Make guided wave inspection/monitoring procedures for special application

- Program a tailored software for special application

- Demonstrate the MsS system to clients

- Train clients to transfer upgraded MsS technology including probe installation procedure, new probe, and upgraded software.


MsS technology has many proven and potential application areas when it is properly used. The GWA experts will work with clients to use the MsS technology in their special applications.


If our client’s application cannot be solved with the current state-of-the-art of MsS technology, GWA will connect you to the development team at SwRI® to solve it through further research and development.