Company Profile

The technology incorporated in the MsS System was developed by Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), a Texas nonprofit corporation. SwRI's  MsS system received an R&D 100 award from R&D Magazine as one of the year's 100 most significant technical accomplishments in 1998. It was initially produced for universities and research institutes for educational and research purposes. In the  following years, the MsS started to be requested by service companies around the globe for inspection services in the oil&gas sector.

Guided Wave Analysis LLC (GWA) was established in 2007 by one of the MsS inventors. Its main purpose was to spread MsS technology worldwide through training and consulting in order to ensure proper use of the MsS technology.

             The MsS System was commercialized primarily for inspecting and monitoring pipeline. It is used to generate a non-dispersive guided wave for long-range ultrasonic inspection and monitoring through rapid surveying of pipes to detect internal and external corrosion. The application areas of the MsS system are to inspect and monitor:

     - Piping systems in oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities

     - Offshore piping systems/risers

     - Power generation piping systems

     - Road crossings/levee penetrations

     - Elevated or complex piping systems with limited clearance

     - Buried pipelines



            GWA sells and leases MsS Systems to NDT service companies, research institutes, and universities, and supports these clients with consultancy, data analysis, supply of accessories, personnel training, and on-site training and demonstration. The experience and knowledge obtained from client support are used for upgrading MsS technology through research and development at the Sensor Systems and NDE Department in SwRI®