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MsSR 3030R System


  •      Two channel transmitters and receivers for controlling the wave propagation direction
  •      120 V or 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz,  power or internal battery operated; The internal battery supplies power to both equipment and computer for operating more than 2 days  in normal operation with more than 50 inspection locations
  •       Wide frequency range operation: 5 kHz to 250 kHz
  •       The system has band pass filter at  16, 32, 64, 90, 128, 180, and 250 kHz
  •       The MsS probe can be installed with 25 mm or higher clearance around the pipe and 75 mm clearance along the pipe.
  •       The MsS probe can be installed if the pipe is accessible more than 60 percent around the pipe circumference. The heat tracer lines do not need to be lifted.
  •       Two operation modes:
    •       pulse-echo mode: normal guided wave inspection and monitoring
    •       pitch-catch mode: guided wave inspection of high-attenuation pipe
  •       Time-corrected gain (TCG) function that increases signal-to-noise ratio of long-distance signal
  •       Probe is very light (less than 0.8 kg for 24-inch pipe testing probe)
  •       Light instrument (12.5 kg)
  •       Software functions:
    •       Sorting out false calls due to multiple reflections
    •       Multi-frequency data analysis for finding different size of defects
    •       Spectrogram data display for showing frequency response of indication
    •       Automatically finding indications